Crown Oaks Day And Betting Options

Horse racing is very popular in Australia and the rest of the world in terms of online betting, and every major event of this type in this country attracts thousands of spectators from all over, and millions of online punters in a less visible capacity.

For Australians, and many international online punters, one of the biggest and best horse races of the year is the Crown Oaks Day race. This event is also sometimes referred to as Ladies Day, and is run on the Spring Carnival’s third day, at the Flemington Race Course in Melbourne, Australia, covering a distance of 2 500 metres. The race is open only to three-year old fillies and set-weight conditions apply, and besides being able to offer more than one million dollars in prize money, also sets the stage for the famous Fashion on the Field affair.

The events leading up to the Crown Oaks Day race are almost as exciting as the main event, and consist of the Group 2 Wakeful Stakes Races, also run at the Flemington Race Course a number of days before, on Derby Day. This race is also limited to three-year old fillies, and these animals will compete over a distance of 2 000 metres. This race can be seen as a preview, and offers punters the perfect opportunity to gauge the performance of the horses participating in this long-distance run. Many bettors look upon Wakeful Stakes as the best way to determine the ultimate placing of horses in the Crown Oaks Day race.

Many Online Betting Types for Crown Oaks Day

Punters who are new to the thrilling world of horse betting will be amazed at just how many different kinds of online and mobile wagers a punter has at his or her disposal when it comes to the Crown Oaks Day races. There is a multiplicity of betting opportunities for bettors to enjoy, be they newcomers or more experienced punters, and there is fun and money to be had by all.

Punters’ Pet Wagers for the Crown Oaks Day Races

The most widely used bets for this horse racing event are:

  • The Straight Win

This has punters betting on a particular horse to win

  • The Place Bet

This has bettors predicting which horses will finish in the money, which means they attain second; third; or fourth place

  • The Each Way Wager

This bet combines the Win and Place bets

  • The Doubles Bet

This wager has punters laying bets on two individual races for the win, and requires that they are successful in both in order to receive their proper payout

  • The Trebles Bet

This wager is similar to the doubles, but has punters laying bets on the winner of three races in total, not just two

  • Parlay Bets

These are sometimes referred to as All Ups or Accumulators, and require the punter to correctly guess the winners of a series of Crown Oaks Day online betting races

  • Quinella

The Quinella asks bettors to choose to horses, one to win and one to get second place, and the order these arrive in does not affect the outcome

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